Synephrine is the main active ingredient in the citrus auran-tium extract, whichis mainly used in dietary supplements and slimming products.

It can effectively oxidize fat and suppress appetite as the main component of slimming products. Synephrine for the treatment of bronchial asthma and surgery and anesthesia, hypotension, collapse and shock, orthostatic hypotension. Synephrine is also a 21st centurynatural stimulant with no side effects and positive reactions. It is widely used in the health care industries such as medicine, food and beverage. The demand and value of synephrine will increase with the ban on the use of chemicallysynthesized drugs.



CAS No.: 94-07-5

EINECS: 202-300-9

Molecular Formula: C9H13NO2

Molecular Weight: 167.21

Specification: 6%-98% HPLC

Appearance: Brown to white fine powder




Raw material harvest time is about June to August.
Benepure would visit the bases and evaluate to make the purchasing plan, and
select properly to guarantee the stability and abundance of the raw material supplying.


2018 Exhibition

1. 2018 CPhI Japan                                         18 – 20 April 2018, Tokyo, Japan, Booth No.: U12

2. 2018 Vitafoods Europe                              15 – 17 May 2018, Geneva, Switzerland, Booth No.: E140

3. 2018 CPhI China                                         20 – 22 June 2018, Shanghai, China, Booth No.: E2Q12

4.2018 CPhI Korea                                         28-30 August 2018 Hall D, COEX, Seoul, Korea, Booth No.: F28

5. 2018 CPhI Worldwide                                9 – 11 October 2018, Madrid, Spain, Booth No.: 5F51

6. 2018 SupplySide West                               8 – 9 November 2018, Las Vegas, USA, Booth No.: 2963